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Coronavirus  Mitigation Plans

Adventure Bay Surf School is currently open in a limited capacity during these difficult times.

However, the following guidelines are being used to keep staff and customers safe. Please read these before booking your surf lesson and if you have any questions please get in touch.


Access to the internal storage area will be limited to one member of staff and one member of public at any one time.
Customers of the surf school will be encouraged to queue to the beach side of the doors against the wall to collect any kit required
before returning to a wider area to change/ prepare.

Lessons throughout April 2021 will be limited to private, single house-hold groups of no more than five.
This is in line with current government recommendations regarding outdoor coaching activities.

Wherever possible required kit will be identified before lesson start and taken to the beach to avoid the need for public access of the building.
Hopefully group lessons will re-start in May 2021.

Hand sanitiser will be available for use before and after lessons. Similarly all wetsuits will be rinsed in disinfectant after every use.
Customers are encouraged to use their own wetsuits whenever possible.

Lesson protocols will be altered to create social distancing between staff and customers in the water/on the beach.
This would only be breached in a safety critical situation.

We will accept cash payment BUT suggest bank transfer/card payment to minimise risk of infection through handling cash.

Customers are encouraged to be thoughtful of all other beach users, both during and before/after lesson times with regards to social distancing.

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