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Surf lessons




Whichever lesson you decide, you’ll receive quality tuition from our experienced surf coaches.
After a gentle warm up on the beach, you’ll be shown how to catch waves and get to your feet on the sand
before taking to the water to carve up those waves under the supervision of our Surf Lifeguard trained instructors.
You’ll leave feeling tired but buzzing and grinning from ear to ear.

All equipment including wetsuits and surfboards are complimentary for your use
during your lessons. Ladies, please wear swimwear underneath your clothes for ease of changing.

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Beginners & Improvers





You’ll be joined by other keen learners and our coaches will
adapt elements of your lesson to suit your ability.
Our coaching ratio will not exceed 1:7
to maximise fun and safety.

Minimum age 7

Cost £30 per person for 90 minute lesson

Private Lessons

Private Tuition

Whether you’re a complete beginner or looking to progress
your surfing skills and knowledge to the next level, you’ll take weeks
off that learning curve with your very own 
personal coach.

We’ll even throw in half a day free surf hire so you can practice after
the lesson. Perfect for individuals and couples.

1:1 £75

2:1 £100

3:1 £140

Kids Club

Kids Club

Weekly Kids' Club sessions will take place for ages 8-16 every Saturday and Sunday morning. contact us ​for a membership form or to find out more.

Ocean safety, surf skills, beach cleans, fitness, and beach cleans keep every week different and help your little ones develop into first class water people and the next generation of surf coaches and lifeguards.



Kids Parties

Kids parties

For ages 5 and over we’ll keep the little ones
entertained for an hour with increased coaching ratios to keep them safe and relaxed.

You’ll just have to try to keep them awake on the way home!

From £15 per person.

All equipment including wetsuits and surfboards
are complimentary for your use during your lessons.

Video Analysis

Video Analysis

The service is used to help surfers from improve their surfing technique
and give them the opportunity to be coached from anywhere.

It has been used by many surfers from around the world
to take surfers to identify areas for improvement
and achieve their goals. It's very easy to use and surfers
who have used this service have had dramatic improvements
in a short period of time.

Includes HD video and hi res photos

Request this add-on in advance as part of your lesson 





Give that learning curve what for on one of our fabulous

3 or 5 session courses.

Whether you are keen to progress rapidly

or want a few hours each day 

kid free, we promise to wear them out, giving you some time to

relax and enjoy your hols!      

Cost £75-125 per person









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